The Executive Board has been making plans for the upcoming school year, however, there is still so much uncertainty around planning for Back to School Days, Fall Sports, and rules and best practices about large groups activities and fundraisers. We will keep all of you in the loop as we hear more from the administration.  Listed below are a few key event dates for Booster Activities, but these may be subject to change due to Covid restrictions and guidelines.

Annual Fundraiser – Date TBD

Homecoming weekend – October 2 & 3

Pancake Breakfast – October 3

Pack the Place – January 30

Senior Showcase – March 7


Pack 8.jpg


We will kick off the new school year with our first Board meeting on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30 pm in the GBW library. Our meetings are usually held at 7:30 PM on the third Thursday of each month.  There is not a meeting held in December.  The 2020-2021 meeting dates are as follows.


Thursday 8/20/20  @ 7:30

Thursday 9/17/20 @ 7:30 

Spring Athletic Awards at 7:00pm

Thursday 10/15/20 @ 7:30pm

Thursday 11/19/20 @ 7:30pm

Thursday 1/14/21* @ 7:30pm (2nd Th)

 Fall Athletic Awards at 7:00pm

Thursday 2/18/21 @ 7:30pm

Thursday 3/18/21 @ 7:30pm

Thursday 4/22/21* @ 7:30pm (4th Th)

Thursday 5/13/21* @ 7:30pm (2nd Th)

Winter Awards at 7:00pm