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The primary mission of Glenbard West Boosters is to raise money for academic and athletic programs and extra-curricular activities that enrich the student experience at Glenbard West.


During the pandemic, Boosters distributed more than $100,000 in grants to enhance the Glenbard West student experience. We also raised enough money to fully fund requested 2021-22 grants and scholarships, plus expand discretionary grants that give the school financial flexibility to add student opportunities that may arise due to changing health protocols.


"As principal, I have a massive appreciation for the commitment, energy and sheer loyalty of Glenbard West Boosters.  Without a doubt, their work has a huge impact on nearly every aspect of student life at West.  Every year, Boosters raises significant funds that help to enhance not only athletics but also the classroom and a wide range of student activities.  I speak for coaches, teachers, sponsors and certainly students when I say,

Thank You, Boosters." 


Dr. Peter Monaghan 

Principle, Glenbard West High School 

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