$10,000 RAFFLE

A chance to win big money while giving to a worthy cause!  This certainly could be described as a “win-win” situation, but Boosters refers to it as the $10,000 Raffle.  While certain Glenbard West classes discuss rocket science, the $10,000 raffle is simple:

  • 225 tickets 

  • Each ticket costs $100 

  • 1st Place winner gets $10,000 

  • 2nd Place winner gets $1,000 

  • 3rd Place winner gets $300

  • More than $11,000 supports multiple Glenbard West student-based initiatives 


Booster board members sell raffle tickets beginning in January/February and the winner is picked during Senior Showcase in March.  And remember, you can’t win if you don’t play!

To buy a ticket, contact VP1@gwboosters.com

7  Dr M Raffle.jpg